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Your vehicle is a major expression of your personal style. With a few add-ons, you can take your car from generic to something very special. Don't continue to drive that factory-spec car. Add a few things to your car and make it your own.



You might have seen cars on TV that pop up and down, lift up on one side, or ride crazy when rolling down the street. All that happens with hydraulics installed in key locations on the car underside and a set of controls in the cab. If you are ready to commit to your car, you can install hydraulics to do all sorts of tricks.

For those willing to do the work themselves, the cost of hydraulics can run about $1000 or so for a basic kit. To pay someone to install the hydraulics can cost another $1000 or more. For larger or more complicated installations, the costs can go up significantly.


Spoilers make great additions to most vehicles. Some cars come standard with a spoiler attached to the trunk, but you can find a whole host of after-market spoilers that will take your ride up many levels. With a custom paint job, your new spoilers will make your car look custom from hood to trunk. With careful shopping you can find a spoiler available for $150 to $250 for a smaller car, but most at that price are factory spec. For a truly custom spoiler, you are looking at several hundred dollars.


Lighting gives you the opportunity to add a bit of dazzle to your ride. Light bars mounted above the cab of a pick-up or along the front bumper is an obvious addition. But, how about LED lights that mount under the chassis to light the bottom of the car? You can add LED lights to the inside too. Going with white light offers a sparkle, but color lighting gives you all sorts of options. Prices range from $10 for a simple light up into the hundreds of dollars.


Custom wheels can bring any factory car into the custom market. Wheels come in a large range of sizes, styles, and finishes. Shiny chrome, matte black, or a combination of them can give wheels their own presence. Free moving elements can bring attention to your custom ride. Spokes, cut-outs, and designs offer a unique element to finish the wheel off in style. A single 17" wheel can start at less than $100. The prices go up with larger sized wheels, custom finishes, and intricate detailing.


Hood scoops and fender flares are simple additions to your car that will bring it out of ordinary to extraordinary. These exterior accessories attach easily and are great for the do-it-yourself crowd. You can go with matching or custom colors. Chrome fender trim for four-wheel wells can go for less than $100. Hood scoop kits also come in at less than $100 for a typical car. Custom kits can cost a bit more.


Performance add-ons are something you will only see as a blur going down the street. Fuel management systems, power programmers, and air management systems offer you the chance to tweak the engine performance to maximize performance and the all-around sound. The options in performance additions keep getting bigger and better every year. The costs for these add-ons range from less than $100 up to several thousand dollars.

This article was written on behalf of Advance Diesel and their Airdog Fuel System to help your diesel-powered engine achieve the best performance it can.

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Do you own an off road vehicle, such as a large truck or racing vehicle and want to have the capability of tuning your vehicle with simplicity and expertise? Then the XRT Pro is the perfect option. XRT Pro is a unique and extraordinary handheld off road race tuner that can meet all budgets and expectations. It allows those who own these types of vehicles the ability to gain total control over the tuning and functioning needs of their vehicle with a simple handheld computer. The XRT Pro comes with maximum tuning capability without unnecessary digital gauges or automatic defuel capability.

For the big truck owner, this product is a mini-computer handheld device that is designed so that it can plug directly into the digital brain of a diesel truck. When it is connected, it aligns with the motor of the truck and directly communicates, allowing the user to override factory settings from inside the cabin of the truck. For truck drivers, the ease and functionality of such a device is obvious.

Some of the capabilities available with the XRT Pro include recalibrating the speedometer or ABS system, for larger systems. It puts the driver in control of the bigger truck motors and operating systems with small budgets. Other tuners with similar capabilities would be in completely different price ranges.

XRT ProThe XRT Pro is featured preloaded with DPF Present and Removed capable tuning, the ability to remove the DPF system along with related sensors, the ability to tune the engine with precision with increases of -250 HP, the ability to recalibrate the speedometer for use of non-stock size tires that might affect the accuracy, the ability to enable or disable factory "special features", removal of the EGR system, including the cooler without trouble or warning codes, turning off the same system without removing any parts (which is a huge factor for those who have been under the hood of a motor of this magnitude), the ability to read and clear trouble codes and, as an added bonus, the ability to download custom tunes to make any drive more relaxing.
Technology is moving so quickly that, before long, any piece of machinery, technical equipment, or even the human body will be able to receive diagnosis and repair with the click of a button. For the owner of a vehicle on which this device will be installed, a small, accurate and precise device with this much capability at a pittance of the price of other similar tuners is a must-have.

It is important to note that this product, with the capability of disabling factory settings can disable all or part of some emissions systems, if the user selects this as an option. It is of extreme significance because it is illegal to do this in all states except when the vehicle is registered only as a competition race vehicle. The user of the XRT Pro should be aware of the capability of this item when performing any tasks. It is also important to note that use of this product could void factory warranties because it disables functionality of systems that are critical to the validity of certain warranties. It is the user's responsibility to assume all rights and responsibilities when installing this product and to use the product with safety and legal use in mind at all times.

The key is simply to understand the maximum power that this small device is capable of, but with proper understanding and use, the XRT Pro is a magnificent tuner to own.

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