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Selling Your Car Online—Pros and Cons

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In the past, the only way to sell your car might have been to post an ad in the local paper or just place a “for sale” sign on the window, and wait for someone to call. These days, however, the Internet affords a new alternative for those looking to sell their cars. Before attempting to do so, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of such an enterprise, for while there are definite benefits to selling your car online, there are potential drawbacks as well.

Pro: A Wider Audience

One of the distinct advantages of selling your car online is that you are able to reach a much wider audience. Posting ads on eBay, for example, can elicit a number of responses from interested parties almost immediately. Though it is still a good idea to post ads in print media as well, the web has become the primary location for most shoppers; thus, an online ad increases your chances of possibly finding a buyer right away.

Con: More Work

Of course, with a wider audience and a greater number of interested parties comes the possibility that you will have to read through a significant number of emails and messages, weeding out the lowest offers and deciding how and to whom you should respond. Selling your car online as opposed to selling it to a dealer also makes it necessary for you to draw up all of the contracts and paperwork necessary to complete the sale, a necessary step in ensuring that everything is conducted above-board.

Pro: Enhanced Efficiency

The transaction itself can also go much more smoothly when most of it is conducted online. Questions can be asked and answered in an expedited fashion, thus either speeding up a sale or more quickly weeding out those who don’t intend to buy. Additionally, when an ad is placed online and you can communicate about the vehicle that way, you won’t always have to be home to meet in person with interested buyers, leaving you free to go about your daily business.

Con: Susceptibility to Scams

Unfortunately, the Internet has the tendency to leave people wide open to be the victims of fraudulent behavior, and this also applies to car sales. It is easier for individuals to skip out on payments or to simply disappear before paying in full when all of the transactions are conducted online. To be safe, make sure to collect full payment and sign all contractual documents before handing over the vehicle.

Overall, so long as you are cautious, using the Internet to sell your car can be a great way to make a quick and efficient sale. Also keep in mind that any wise and reliable individual will want to meet in person to see the car you’re selling anyway, so you will still have the chance to size up a potential buyer and conduct some additional negotiations before committing to anything—just to be sure you’ll be getting a fair deal.

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Jeremy Stone is a freelance writer and also a car trader. He currently writes for Sell My Car for Cash

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