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April 2013

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If you’ve always wondered whether there was an app designed to make the business side of courier work easier and better, worry no more. There are lots! Whether you’re looking for business communication software, storage, accounting and more, there are plenty of programs created for your smartphone that are designed to help make your efforts more profitable.

Of course, it makes sense.  Courier work is a mobile business after all and as such,  mobile apps are definitely designed to match the needs of the courier-businessman!  No wonder  more and more couriers are relying  on their smartphones for their business needs!

If you are into  courier work here are some business apps you surely won’t be able to do without.

Email and Documents

Whether it’s  communications, storage, documentation, tracking and other needs of a growing business,  courier work will surely involve one aspect of  Google Apps or another. It’s so versatile,  giving access to web-based e-mail, calendars, and documents from anywhere, for free!

Documents can stored on the Google Drive up to 10GB. Once on this cloud-based system accessible on the Web and a variety of mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets– which makes it perfect for those  who do courier work–they can  then these be shared and collaborated on. Google Apps is free for up to ten userson the same account.

Accounting and Billing Software

Just because you’re bad at maths doesn’t mean you can forgo basic accounting, bookkkeeping, financial reporting and other business requirements if you do  courier work. Luckily, keeping track  of the money that goes in and out of your business as well as money you’ve already earned and have not yet collected. You’ll also want apps to keep track of the paperwork involved in the process of applying for, invoicing, billoing and general accounting.

Mint.com, on the other hand,  allows you to track different  transactions such as purchases and sales all in one place while Freshbooks is a simple bookkeeping and accounting  app that includes client and product/service records, easy invoice creation and dispatching, document-sharing and reports, and great integration/smartphone support.

For simple  invoicing and collections, Billing Manager is a great little app that lets you u easily create and e-mail free, unlimited one-time and recurring invoices, and tracks payments and sales taxes on your courier work.

Storage, Filing And More: Evernote

Evernote appears on may app sites as an all-around favourite of professionals in many industries,  courier work  included. Its capabilities range from storing all your notes, whether in audio, video or image formats, taking snapshots and copypasting relevant information from websites and even storing data from pictures taken with it by your phone. Its character recognition software makes it easier to store documents like receipts and other cards easily and conventiently without needing to retype words–  take a picture of the business cards you receive while networking or your receipts and Evernote stores the information in ythe relevant folders after converting them into documents.

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These days there are many traditional and also fresh and modern ways to keep up with the need to find new work agreements. Since much work is temporary and freelance, you need to keep an eye out even if you already have a role in haulage work,  If you are currently shifting a truck, hauling cargo with your fleet or searching for container for your cargo, why wouldn't you want to know when and where you can find the next bit of work?

But the competition for new work is high, especially when the economy is weak. So it behoves everyone to know to prepare well when they are hunting.

Your Presence in Public Ads

There is no need to wait for transport contract jobs when you put yourself out there and have them come to you. Public ads allow people who want cargo, crates, containers or a fleet to see that you are a fit when they see your ad. Billboards, newspaper ads and other public notices are excellent for this. Advertising both what you are willing to do and your branding and reputation is very effective to make sure that you can wait for people to come to you while you also are actively involved in the work of looking for work.

Working the Word-of-Mouth

There is a more basic means for you to be knowledgeable about a strong stream of work that could be waiting for you in the present moment or upcoming future. This tried and tested way to find transport contract jobs is simple word-of-mouth. The contacts people have made within a local grapevine can help build a presence in that industry that is not easily forgotten.


This means involves developing the right cargo, freight, fleet and shipping networks to help assure upcoming transport contract jobs. This can include travelling to conventions, social events, or organising meetings on your own. This works well with of word-of-mouth communication and public advertising, and insists you go out and work hard at stamping your presence in the haulage industry.


Newspapers are still the primary means of finding short-term and long-term work for a multifaceted number of purposes. It is simple and effective to go out and find transport contract jobs by scouring through the ink and paper of weekly periodicals on a constant basis. Most classifieds sections have a large number of ads for trucks, cars, containers and other means of haulage work for prospective drivers, transport organisations and people with cargo.


Despite all these, getting stuck into the online world is simply the best way to latch on to new work, and this modern advent can often be automated so you can watch potential work feed in. The internet has replicated new and exciting mirrors to all of the above options. You should try and participate in online forums, advertise on web pages, blogs, and social media, network through live messaging and chat, and find classifieds on specialist online magazines and haulage exchanges.

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Every time you get behind the wheel of an automobile you need to be aware of all your responsibilities. Bad driving habits not only get you in trouble with the police and will cause you to have higher insurance premiums, but they can also be deadly. Stop taking risks when you are driving and keep everyone around you safe. The worst habits are the ones you do not think are going to cause an accident.

Talking on a Cell Phone

In most states, it is now illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving unless you are doing so without using your hands. Some states do not even allow hands-free cell phone use. If you are seen, you will be pulled over and you will receive a citation. This could cause problems with your insurance company.

Fiddling with the Radio

While it is not truly illegal, it is never a good idea to take your eyes off the road, especially if one of your hands is off the steering wheel. It only takes a second to accidentally veer into oncoming traffic. It is always best to set the radio to one station and leave it there until you are completely stopped. Listening to a bad song is better than ending up in the hospital.


While you may truly need to be somewhere in a short amount of time, but it is never a good idea to exceed the posted speed limit. In many cases, speeding will only get you someplace much later than had you stayed at the legal limit. If you get pulled over because of how fast you were going, waiting for the police officer to give you a ticket is going to take a lot of time and make you late. If you are in an accident, you might as well not go where you were headed if you are not in a hospital. In addition to a traffic fine, your insurance premiums will go up. You can always go to court and try to get the charge removed to avoid higher insurance.

No Turn Signal

It may not seem like a big deal, but letting everyone around you know what you are going to be doing is always a good thing when driving. You can avoid many accidents by being courteous and letting others know your intentions.


Driving too closely to the car in front of you is just asking for trouble. Anything can happen that will have you crashing into it. You cannot see what the other driver sees and have no idea what the other driver is thinking. Make sure you stay far enough behind to safely stop should the car in front slam on the brakes.

Safe driving is everyone's responsibility. Sometimes you can end up getting a traffic ticket for a simple misunderstanding that can cause you a lot of problems with the courts or your insurance company. If you need legal representation or information, visit BobCohenLawPasadena.com to find out what you can do to keep your license and your insurance company happy.

Wendy Lynn is a freelance writer specializing in medical and insurance areas. She has worked as an RN and is currently studying to become a paralegal.

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Outside of purchasing a house, there aren’t many bigger investments than buying a new car.  Needless to say, this means you shouldn’t rush in, and should take the time to pick the right one.  That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips on how to pick the right vehicle/

Think of the future.  Whilst it’s tempting to purchase a speedy, flash two-seater with your first decent paycheck, you need to consider whether or not that’s really what you’ll need three years down the line.  After all, spending 10k on a car that you’ll have to sell at a loss in two years is a pretty pointless endeavour!   We’re not suggesting you go and buy a family wagon at the age of seventeen, but don’t forget to at least consider your future.

Don’t overdo it.  With the economic climate being what it is, the motoring industry is a buyer’s market, and prices are being driven down.  This means that you can get a far better car for your money than you could ten years ago.  However, it’s pointless spending an extra 5k if you don’t need to.  If the car you want is a good two thousand or so cheaper than it was, pocket the cash: it will mean that you have the money spare to pay your insurance.

Buy what you need.  If the only time you use your car is to do the weekly shop, then there’s no point buying a stubborn, built-for-the-road transit.   Vice versa, if you’re purchasing a car that needs to be capable of driving to work and back, doing the shopping, picking up the kids on the school run and driving fifty miles to visit the grandparents every weekend then you should pick a brand noted for its reliability such as Ford.

Take into account potential repairs.  It’s all very well purchasing a stylish 1959 coupe once owned by Jackie Stewart, but exactly where are you going to find the spare parts for it when the inevitable breakdown occurs.  Purchasing a well known model from a major manufacturer means that almost all garages and breakdown services will be able to make the necessary reparations quickly and easily.  Trust us, you’ll be grateful for the speed when you’re stuck with the bus for a week!

Test drive the vehicle.  This might seem very obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t take the time to try their first car out.  Needless to say, you shouldn’t make the same mistake.  Ensure that whatever car you purchase feels natural and comfortable for you to use.

This article was written in association with Stuart Pease, experts in UK fibreglass manufacture.


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