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November 2012

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It has not been long since Tesla motors announced the release of their super charger network plan, but you may have to get on a waiting list for one of these cars; they are selling as fast as they can be produced. This is due to elegant style in cars that are ahead of the times, some being almost completely efficient.

The Start of Tesla Motors and Grand Evolution of Electrical Innovation

It all started in 2003 when some prominent people in Silicon Valley were interested in a sports car that was not dependent on petroleum, but would produce the same power. This led to the development of the first roadster that would be released to the public for showing in 2006.

The start was a success, and some may even say hit with perfect timing. Every car that came off of the production line after sold as fast as it could be produced. It is obvious that there is a need for cars that run on electricity, and Tesla has the ticket. The last of the roadsters sold out through 2010, and now enthusiasts are waiting for the next generation roadster to hit the market.

There has been some talk of Tesla coming out with a new signature roadster, and it is going to be called the Model-R, more than likely. That is what is being talked about in the media that is awaiting the 2017 release of the next Tesla Roadster. If you were waiting to get your hands on a brand new one, you may have to wait a few years.
Tesla Looks Forward to The Future, and Starts Production of Model-S and Model-X Cars with a Network of Supercharging Locations
Tesla has waiting list for the Model-S, which is not scheduled for release until 2014, but with it comes innovation once again, and there is already a network of super charging facilities that you can find from California to Arizona. Soon they will work their way across the nation.

The Tesla Model-S may seem that it is an engineering marvel, but the truth is, it uses technology that the foundation was set on a century ago, with the use of AC Motors that were originally developed by Nikola Tesla. These, of course a modern design, but they are still based on the design by Nikola Nelson.

With the design of the Model-S, Tesla wanted drivers of these cars to be able to drive long distances. The twin charging concept and super charging concepts were developed from this. Many of the Tesla vehicles are capable of super-charged charging, and can stop in at a network of supercharging facilities.

Model-S can now drive half-way across the country with super charging points through California, Nevada and Arizona. There are many other stations in the works, and some facilities that already exist will be fitting their facilities to welcome the Tesla cars to charge.

The Model-X will be the first all-electric crossover to hit the roads, and it is scheduled to release in 2014. It is an EV that was built with the driver in mind. It is hard to call it a crossover. The Model-X is much like a car with features that you would find on a premium minivan, and it can do 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds. If you want one of these beauties, you will have to put $5000 down, and wait until it hits the streets in 2014.

Tesla Motors is changing the way consumers think about electric cars, and opening stores across the country, and around the world. The cars are going to be at a price that the average consumer can afford, and a perfect addition for environmentally conscious families.


Author Bio

This Guest Post is written by Kevin Ross, a creative writer working for MyTee Products - a company having more than 30 years of experience in dealing with Ratchet Tie Down Straps and Trailer Tarps for Trucks. He is a great lover of Starbucks Coffee and loves to writes news about auto industry while having coffee.



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With the extreme weather that is seen various parts of the country, it is important for car owners to understand how to properly care for the heating and air conditioning units of their vehicle. Preventative maintenance is one simple way to extend your car's climate-control system's lifespan, and ensure that you don't end up with any unexpected problems.

A Little Patience Goes a Long Way

Between breakfast and getting kids to school, all while trying to mentally prepare ourselves for the day that lies ahead, it is easy to simply blow off warming up the car in the morning. However, failure to do so can be hard on the engine. After all, a car that sits outside all night in freezing temperatures needs a chance to warm up the working parts for optimal performance. Furthermore, you will be more comfortable as you enter a warm car to begin your commute.

Although not as large of an issue, the car should be allowed to idle for at least a minute in the summer as well. Just as it does in the winter, this allows the car to prepare for the journey that lies ahead. Those who feel they will struggle employing this method of heater and air conditioner care can consider installing a remote start system in their vehicle. This allows the owner to start their car using a small remote on their key chain. This locks the car doors automatically and warms up the car until the driver is ready.

Ensure Proper Fluid Levels

Just like living creatures, vehicles require certain fluids in order to function. While most car owners understand that maintaining their oil and antifreeze levels is important to ensure the engine does not fail, many fail to realize that insufficient levels of antifreeze can cause the heater or air conditioner to blow out air the temperature of the outdoors. The first thing that should be checked when a heater or air conditioner is not working properly should be coolant levels.

Use the Air Conditioner in the Winter

Although it may sound crazy, it is important for car owners to utilize their air conditioner year-round, as it prevents fungal and bacterial build-up in the pipes and vents. This can cause sore throats, headaches and an unpleasant overall odor in their vehicle. During the winter, drivers should use the air conditioner to defrost the windows. While the air may be cold, it is still at an appropriate temperature to cause ice and snow to melt away.

When Problems Arise

Despite regular implementation of proper care for a car heaters or air conditioners, problems will still arise. When a unit malfunctions, it is important to understand exactly what is wrong before attempting to fix the problem. While do-it-yourself projects can sometimes save money, it can just as easily cost more than having it looked at by a professional, if the initial problem is not resolved. Often, the best idea is to employ the services of a trusted professional mechanic. They can fix the problem right the first time and provide personalized tips to help the consumer extend the life of their heater and air conditioner.

If you care for your car's AC, you should care about you home's as well! Check out First Class Heat and Air, a Dallas air conditioning repair service dedicated to increasing the lifetime of your AC.

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Buying a car is a dream of all individuals. Regardless the fact, buying a car has become an easy task, by taking loans from the banks. However, the concern is how people with bad credit can buy a car. As we all know, obtaining a loan needs good credit, then how people with poor credit can actually achieve an auto loan and buy a car?

Need not to worry! Gone are the days when you indeed require having a lot of cash and good credit score. There are several ways to buy a car, despite the fact if you have poor credit score. There are so many lenders who are willing to work with you in such situations. All you need to do is to find out a lender carefully, keep abreast of current market rates, and work on your negotiation skills.

Stay within limit:

If you have poor credit, then you are likely to not obtain car loan. In such situation, cut your coat according cloth. Do not overboard yourself, by buying a brand new, spic and span BMW or Mercedes Benz. Instead, buy a car that is affordable and meets your needs. Moreover, buying a right car with right financing will help you rebuild your credit score. As and when, you will make monthly in time, your credit score will boost up. An overpriced car means higher monthly payments and more chances to not being able to make. This in turn will ruin your credit score. So, it is advisable to stick to a low priced car with all essential features and comforts.

Save money for down payment:

It’s a well-proven fact that money talks, and there is no doubt about it! If you have a great negotiation skill, then you can go ahead and work with the financier, so that you do not have to put any down payment on the car. Or else, save considerable amount each month for making decent down payment on car. The more the down payment you will put, the fair the chances of getting a car. Aside this, you will have to provide the financier with an evidence of employment or consistent flow of income. You will also have to assure the dealer that you will be able to make your monthly payment on time.

Pay attention to interest rates:

As with any loan, the problem of paying the money back is not the principal, rather the outrageous interest rates attached with the loan. Especially, when you have poor score, financiers penalize you by offering skyscraping interest rates (as high as 20%). So, you must shop around and negotiate with dealers to obtain a low with interest rates, at least as low as 10%.

Find a co-signor:

Find a co-signor who can offer extra collateral which you otherwise would not be able to pay. The co-signor will have to sign an agreement that in the event you should default, s (he) will pay on your behalf. However, above all else, you will be a primary payer and the co-signor will be a secondary payer.

Bad credit cars:

You may even consider buying bad credit cars. You will find many advertisements of bad credit cars for sale in newspaper. You will even find these cars online. Go through the websites and choose a best deal.

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Though the traditional internal combustion engine is not being left behind just yet, it’s pretty clear that things are changing in the automotive industry.  Finally, after decades of talking about it, most major automakers are selling some sort of hybrid, all-electric, clean diesel, or natural gas (CNG) powered vehicle.  And just like different people are attracted to different brands of cars, different people are attracted to these different types of alternative fuel vehicles too.  Therefore, it makes sense that certain brands are investing their futures more heavily in particular green technologies than they are in others.  While some are sticking with internal combustion engines and incorporating clean diesel technology or CNG, others are putting all their eggs in the hybrid or all-electric basket.  Today, General Motors announced that their future lies with the latter—electrification.

According to a press release issued by the Detroit, Michigan automaker, GM plans to have at least a half of a million vehicles on the road with “some form of electrification” by the year 2017. The “electrification” they currently offer includes plug-in vehicles and vehicles equipped with a regenerative lithium-ion battery they call eAssist.  The release says that despite having an unwavering commitment to eAssist, GM will focus more so on plug-in technology in the future because they are excited about changing the nature of how people commute.

Though currently the only plug in vehicle that GM manufactures and sells is the Chevy Volt, they’ve recently announced two upcoming plug-ins:  the Cadillac ELR and a new model of the already existing Chevy Spark.  GM’s October sales report indicates that through the end of last month, approximately 19,000 Chevy Volts were sold in the U.S., and experts are predicting the final total for 2012 will be somewhere in the realm of 25,000. On the other hand, both the Buick LaCrosse and Buick Regal are currently equipped with General Motor’s eAssist technology, as is the Chevy Malibu.  If you add this year’s sales numbers for these vehicles to the Volt’s sales numbers, GM argues that they are on pace to sell greater than 50,000 “electrified” vehicles this year.

50,000 is a long way from 500,000 and GM’s only given themselves a short 5 years.  However, considering they already have a relatively successful plug-in with the Volt and they plan on putting eAssist on “hundreds of thousands of GM vehicles annually by 2017,” it may not be an entirely unrealistic goal.  Though we’d rather see 500,000 all-electric vehicles, I guess we’ll have to live with 500,000 “electrified” vehicles for the time being.

This post was contributed by Brittany Larson on behalf of Lynch Chevy Buick GMC

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You may think that an airport car parking service is simply that: a place to park your car at the airport – but you would be wrong! There is so much more to it than that, from valet parking to shuttle buses and more. Not all of the following services are a standard part of an airport car parking service, but many of them are, and some can be added for an additional charge.

Valet Parking

Airport car parks are incredibly vast places, housing not just parked cars, but also cars available for renting. To navigate one yourself and still make it to the airport on time would be a feat in itself! To counter this, the service tends to include valet parking, which means your car will be driven to its appropriate spot by someone else, leaving you free to get on your shuttle bus and make your flight.

Shuttle Bus to Airport

This is a very common part of airport car parking, as the parking lots can often be quite a distance away from the actual airport! Shuttles buses usually go every few minutes, and they visit all the different terminals, making sure you don't have to do any extra legwork.

Undercover Parking

You may worry about your car being exposed to the elements while you're away, particularly if you usually store your car snugly in a garage. Although some airport car parks are outdoors, many also have indoor, undercover parking lots too, which you can easily request if that's your preference.

Car Washing

A surprising option you may not have even thought of is having your car washed while you're away. It's not often included in the price, so you will have to pay extra, but many airport car parks now offer car washing as an additional service. Take them up on this offer and you may not even recognise your car when it's returned to you! Coming home to a nice, clean car is a treat for a jet-lagged, stressed-out traveller, and something you can easily request to have done in many airports. That'll be one less chore for you to do on your return home!

Car Servicing

Similarly to car washing, it's also possible to have your car serviced while you're away. Not all airport car parks offer this service, so it's best to check in advance if it's something you're considering. This is one of the best times to have your car serviced, as it means you won't have to be without your car at any inconvenient time, given that you'll be away from your car for the duration anyway!

Keep Your Car Secure

Not everyone considers the safety of their car while they're away, but it's definitely an important factor to think about. If you leave your car unattended on the street while you're away, criminals may notice and take advantage of your absence. But if you leave your car in an airport car park, it'll be much safer and more secure, leaving you free to enjoy your holiday instead of worrying about your vehicle!

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Sam Donahue is the writer of this article. He is currently working for Europcar Airport parking, who provide the cheapest parking in Melbourne airport.

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The transmission is a vital part of your car that allows the engine, with a very narrow range of speeds it can operate in, to control your car, which might need to move at anywhere from one to one hundred miles per hour. It can also be an expensive and troublesome part of your car to repair if something goes wrong. Educating yourself on proper transmission maintenance and care can save a huge headache, and a huge bill, down the road.

As with many aspects of car upkeep, checking your transmission fluid and tending to it regularly is probably the simplest task with the most reward you can perform. The transmission fluid in an automatic transmission is vital for cooling, lubrication, and power conveyance. Usually there will be a dipstick for easy checking of your fluid level. You can also consider adding a friction modifier to your transmission fluid. They can be difficult to locate in your local parts store, as it is often considered a specialty product and thus available predominantly at professional transmission centers, but additives have been shown to add life and reliability to a transmission.


The greatest enemy of a transmission is heat, understandable when temperatures can exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit: seals can harden, fluid breaks down, and clutches burn. An auxiliary cooler can help alleviate some of these heat issues, especially on vehicles that regularly carry heavy loads or tow. In the same vein, installing an in-line filter in transmission cooler lines can significantly reduce particles that find their way into the transmission fluid. Your transmission fluid is also cooled by your car’s overall cooling system via a heat exchanger in the radiator tank. Ensure your cooling system is working properly to avoid problems that may extend to the transmission (and guard against engine problems as well).


Transmission problems, like so many others, start small but grow significantly worse the longer you avoid addressing them. Pay attention to indicators such as a check engine light on the dashboard or a few drops of fluid you notice on your driveway as you pull out. If you notice any unusual noises or bumps during gear shifts, take your vehicle to a repair center for a diagnosis so you can pay for a minor repair instead of a major one. An annual service of your transmission has a similar preventative effect, including a complete transmission fluid and filter change.


The relationship between the engine and the transmission means that care of your engine extends to care of your transmission. Any problems with engine performance can put unnecessary strain on the transmission. Keeping your engine properly tuned means less stress on the transmission and better performance overall.


You can also actively try and help the transmission during shifts: pay close attention to what speed your gears shift at in your vehicle, and just before they do, back up off the accelerator. This forces the shift and reduces the load on the clutches, improving your transmission life in a satisfyingly active way. Always be sure to come to a complete stop before putting your car in reverse (or switching back to drive), as changing while your car is in motion can cause significant harm. Engage the brake pedal and the parking brake before putting your car in park, and only change from park to drive when the engine is totally idle.


Always remember that transmission care depends heavily on what you do with your car. If you regularly carry heavy loads, tow a trailer or other vehicle, or are constantly crossing uneven terrain, consider taking extra preventative steps and making more frequent checkups.


This article was written on behalf of Mr Clutch, Northwest Washington's leading clutch repair and transmission specialists.

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Legally, you need to insure your car to be able to drive on the roads. While you only need third party cover – in the majority of states – it will not always be the best cover for your needs. The problem is that automobile insurance is expensive. However, you can lower the cost of your quotes by taking the following steps when it comes to renewal time.

Shop Around for the Best Quotes

Before you even think about renewing with your current provider, make sure that the quote is the cheapest one available. It used to take days to find the best car insurance available but that is no longer the case. There are plenty of price comparison websites where you input your details once and they search the different cover providers on the market.

However, not all insurance companies are on these websites. You will need to go directly to some websites to make sure the price comparison websites offer the cheapest deals. It is also worth visiting the cheapest options directly to cut out the middle man. The price comparison websites charge a commission for the insurance companies and this is sometimes – although not always – added onto the quotes.

Ask About Discounts

Some providers are willing to offer discounts. A No Claims Discount is one of the most common available and is a way of rewarding drivers who have proven to be sensible. However, there are other discounts available, including good student discounts and senior citizen discounts. You will need to contact the companies to find out about these as many will not actually disclose them otherwise.

Agree to Monitoring Devices

This is especially beneficial for young drivers and those who have had numerous claims. The device is placed inside your car and monitors your driving, such as your speed, the type of checks you do when changing lanes and how close you drive to the person in front. This is a great way to prove that you are a good driver and not like the “average” young driver or person with numerous claims. At the end of the year, insurance providers will pay back money if you have proven to be a safer driver than expected.

Avoid Modifying Your Vehicle

Unless you make modifications for security reasons, avoid making any. The majority of modifications, such as alloy wheels and surround sound systems, make your automobile more valuable and means that you are at more risk of being stolen. The truth is companies do not want to pay out and if there is a higher risk that they will have to, they will increase the premiums.

Security features make your vehicle harder to steal. Alarm systems will deter thieves from bothering, immobilizers mean that the thieves cannot actually steal the vehicle easily and trackers mean that the vehicle can be traced if it has been stolen. All of these mean that insurance providers are less likely going to pay out for the car and they will reward that through lower premiums.

Where Do You Park?

Where you park your vehicle overnight has a direct affect on the cover quotes. If you park your car in a garage, it is less likely going to be stolen and so the insurance providers lower the quotes. If you park on the road, there is more chance that a third party will crash into your car, cause damage but not stop. This means that you need to claim on your cover to be able to have the vehicle repaired or pay out of your own pocket.

If you do not have a driveway or do not have room, you could consider renting out a neighbour’s. This is becoming more popular as it also means that your neighbour has extra income. However, you will need to make sure that the decrease in premiums each month is worth the cost of renting out the space.

Take your time to shop around and make changes on your form. This does not mean committing insurance fraud – it means making changes that are truthful and will help you save money on your automobile insurance. This will not take you too long, especially since there are so many price comparison websites available now.

Author Bio:

Yanna Matter used to work in insurance and now works as a full-time writer. He offers tips and advice on many areas of insurance, including home and automobile cover. He likes to use his previous experience to help consumers get the most for their money, whether buying a used car or a new Sprinter camper.

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Car care accessories are essential to keeping your car looking good. Unfortunately they can so expensive that you may think that you can't afford them. The good news is that you can save money on essential car care accessories by utilizing the following tips.

Shop Around

Shopping around is a great way to save money on essential car care accessories. Many times stores will have drastically different prices. Because of this, it is a good idea to not buy the accessory you are looking for at the first store you find it at. To make comparing prices easier, consider using the internet to do your research. By doing so you will be able to find the price of the product you are looking for at both online retailers and many local stores in Australia. If a store doesn't have its price online, you can usually call them and they will give you the price over the phone. Some stores may even give you a better deal if you tell them that a competitor is selling the product for a lower price than they are.

Use Coupons

Coupons can save a lot of money on those car care accessories that are essential. It is a lot easier to find coupons than you may think. All you have to do is a simple internet search using the words "coupon" and the name of the accessory you need or the store that you plan to buy it at. These coupons can range from a certain percentage off to free shipping on the accessory. The money that you save using coupons can be used towards other accessories or saved for future purchases for your car.

Buy Used

Not all essential car care accessories need to be bought new. Used car care accessories are a great choice for those who do not plan on keeping their car long or for those that do not plan on using that accessory very much. Often times, with a little bit of looking, you can find barely used car care accessories at a fraction of the cost if they were new. You may even be able to find accessories that someone bought but never used and are just trying to sell to recoup some of the money spent. The key to making sure that you get a quality accessory is to thoroughly inspect it before purchasing it to make sure that it has a lot of life left. Before you purchase a used accessory remember to check to make sure that it hasn't been recalled. This will keep you from wasting your money on something that isn't of the quality that you need.

Owning a car can be expensive and you need to save money anywhere you can without sacrificing essential car care accessories. By utilizing the above tips, you can save money but still get the product that you need. It might take a little bit of time, but in the end the saved money will be worth it.

Guest post contributed by Taylor Ritchie for MyNRMA. They provide car accessories for sale on their website. Taylor is a freelance writer with a penchant for cars.

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General Motors has plans to introduce a seventh generation Chevy Corvette at the Detroit Auto Show in January, and automotive enthusiasts are already getting excited.  Rumor has it that GM intends for this car, which is commonly referred to as the C7, to compete with performance cars from across the pond more seriously than ever before.   Will “America’s sports car” be able to run neck and neck with models from the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche?  Only time will tell, but while the planned improvements to the Corvette may earn it a larger fan base stateside, it’s doubtful that many Europeans will be tempted to reach for the keys to a C7 over a 458 Italia.

While Asian automakers are generally known for manufacturing small, reliable vehicles to navigate crowded cities, and American automakers have historically been celebrated for their powerful engines fun to drive on long, straight highways, the winding roads of Europe inspired Italian and German sports car manufacturers to produce vehicles with handling capabilities that other automakers simply haven’t been able to match.  Though there’s never been any doubt in the sixty years since its introduction that the Corvette is a powerfully fast vehicle, critics have routinely pointed to its poor handling and lackluster steering capabilities as a point of contention with the sports car.  If Chevy is to rival global performance car leaders like Ferrari and Lamborghini with the C7, significant changes are going to have to be made by GM engineers to make the American car more agile and responsive in the corners.

A lot of people have been voicing opinions on the best way to go about doing so, but one suggestion that’s been getting a lot of attention on internet forums is to make the C7 a mid-engined car.  Switching to a mid-engine layout would more equally distribute the vehicle’s weight, which allows for faster turning, better traction and greater vehicle stability overall.  Though from recent spy shots it doesn’t seem likely that Chevy will take this route, another improvement rumored to be in store for the C7 is a smaller six cylinder either supercharged or equipped with some sort of advanced turbo.

Unfortunately we will have to wait until January to see exactly what GM’s plan is, but one thing is for sure, the C7 is getting more horsepower and more torque than the previous generation Corvette.  GM recently confirmed that the C7’s 6.2L engine will make at least 450-hp and 450 lbs.-ft. of torque, which is about 6% more than the 6th generation.

This post was contributed by Brittany Larson on behalf of Penske Wynn Ferrari.

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Are you interested in a career that involves operating a motor vehicle all day? Would you enjoy being on the road for many hours at a time? Can you work independently and get the job done without somebody there to tell you what to do every step of the way? If you are fine with all of the above, you might have what it takes to become a professional driver. In the United States, professional drivers must possess a Commercial Driver's License to operate trucks and other heavy vehicles. With a CDL, many jobs will become available to you. According to this article, the most popular driver jobs are in the areas of transportation of goods, human services, and waste management.

Goods Transportation: "Truck Driver" Jobs

Truck driving is probably the most common type of job that requires a CDL. The typical large semi-trucks that you see on the freeways carry at least 26,000 pounds of goods that can range from fresh produce and livestock to furniture and electronics. Drivers may travel within the States or even into other countries to transfer goods so that stores can refill their inventory. Other large-truck drivers may work for delivery services, the post office, and other specialized businesses. To be qualified for any of these jobs, you will likely need to have a Class B CDL.

In return for their long, odd hours and isolated, sedentary lifestyles, goods transportation drivers are paid nicely for their work. Most earn between $40,000 and $55,000 per year, according to this article.

Drivers of smaller trucks usually transport goods locally. This usually means within a city or the areas surrounding it. Since their jobs don't require them to make long-distance trips, these drivers are paid a bit less. Their salaries start around $30,000 a year but they go all the way up to more than $50,000 depending on what industry they're involved with.


Human Resources

Human resources drivers are those who shuttle people to their intended destinations. They include city bus drivers, school bus drivers, airport shuttle drivers, chauffeurs of limousines and "stretch" vehicles, and more. Unlike big rig truck drivers, these CDL holders enjoy great company and plenty of social interaction on a daily basis. Going to work can be an exciting experience because everyday is different. As a human resources driver, you get to meet new people and hear new stories at every stop. This is one of the side perks of the job.

Driving people around is not only rewarding, it pays fairly well too. Typical salaries range from $36,000 to $55,000 per year for bus drivers depending on experience and industry. Chauffeurs of limos make between $24,000 and $58,000 every year, and higher-end pay is usually reserved for personal drivers.


Waste Management

While most people don't grow up dreaming of being a garbage man, the job pays a lot more than you might think. Garbage truck drivers endure a lot on the job. They have to deal with foul-smelling food waste and human waste, getting covered in filth, driving a large and clumsy truck, and taking the mental distress of being known as a garbage man every time they get up in the morning. Fortunately for waste management drivers, the pay is good. For their noble efforts, these professional drivers take home anywhere from $30,000 to a whopping $90,000 each year. Earnings depend heavily on location and experience.



This article was written on behalf of Stevens Transport and their CDL jobs to help you find a job that matches you with your passion for driving.

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