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July 2012

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The 2012 Mercedes Navigation System Update

The Mercedes-Benz brand of motor vehicle and cars are renowned for being one of the best quality car badges in the country.  Their cars come with lots of hi tech functions and optional extras that have been developed in order to give the driver a superb driving experience with comfort and style.  One of the more useful aspects to this range of car is the Mercedes Navigation System.  This offers GPS navigation at the touch of a button, all of which is embedded into the dashboard and run using Navteq digital maps.

The Mercedes GPS devices are known to be reliable, accurate and easy to use due to the large touch screen display.  However, there is a downside which is the fact that the driver will need to update the Mercedes GPS maps in order to keep them up to date and current with new road changes.  The following article shows you how to do that and why (please note: more comprehensive information can be found on this Mercedes Navigation System Update website).

New Mercedes-Benz GPS Map Updates from Navteq

Mercedes GPS maps are provided by Navteq.  You will need to visit their website in order to purchase new routes and directions for your car’s dashboard GPS.  New maps for this brand come on a Mercedes-Benz Navigation DVD for 2012.  On the Navteq website you need to select your Mercedes model and year, and then add the latest 2012 DVD to your shopping cart.  Once you have purchased yours online this is how you install Mercedes Navigation System Updates - your new Mercedes DVD should arrive within 7 working days.

  1. Locate the disc drive for your Mercedes Navigation System.  Typically this is located underneath the display on the dashboard, but on some older generation models from 2001 and 2002 this could be hidden under the driver’s seat.
  2. Eject the existing 2011 Mercedes Navigation DVD and insert your new 2012 disc.
  3. The display console will recognize the DVD and should display a message asking you whether you want to “update maps”.  Click “yes” to continue.
  4. The Mercedes Navigation System Update should now start automatically, with the new software loading.  The last thing you will need to do in order to get started will be to type in your serial number which is on the DVD packaging.

Please note, you should never turn the Mercedes GPS off during the install and this has been known to corrupt the software.  In extreme cases you might need to take the car to an official dealer and engineer to fix any problems that could occur.

Why Update Your Mercedes Navigation System?

Drivers that have up to date GPS maps are more likely to use less fuel.  This is because their GPS is less prone to making errors and so gas savings can be made.  This also has the knock-on effect of reducing a driver’s carbon footprint.  The US Road Network sometimes has up to 20,000 new miles of roads added each year – none of which will be on an out of date Mercedes-Benz Navigation System.

About the Author: Bob Simmons runs the hugely popular GPSNavigationDVD.net website.  The site offers advices for all brands of GPS device including Garmin.  He has recently posted a new article about Free Garmin Nuvi Map Updates – please check that out to see if you qualify for free Garmin maps.


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When you use your car every day, you probably don’t think about the technology that goes into your car key and lock system.  However, depending on your Ford car model and year, this can be very important when it comes to needing a car key replacement.  Green Towing San Diego has a team dedicated to car lockouts and car key replacements.  In particular, the company has years of experience working with Ford cars.  If you need to replace your car key or need a new Ford car key, don’t get stuck with an overly expensive bill or too much hassle. Green Towing San Diego can perform the key cutting and transponder key programming on the spot.  This article explains more about what goes into a car key replacement for Ford cars.

Firstly, all Ford keys made before 1995 are the well known traditional metal key. Simple key cutting can replicate a car key. Green Towing San Diego and many other companies can easily create a new key on the spot. All keys after 1995 contain a small microchip hidden in the plastic part of the key, which is why they are referred to as chip keys, or transponder keys. The chip works on a transponder technology and needs a code to be programmed correctly in order to properly open and lock your car doors.

Some Ford drivers opt to do the transponder key programming on their own and will purchase blank keys from eBay. Many professionals recommend against this because there is no guarantee that it will be the correct key or that it will work. In the end, you need to hire a programmer with the proper equipment to handle the coding, so it is more worthwhile to call a professional.  Green Towing San Diego specialists carry a computer to program the blank transponder keys with the right transponder codes. These codes are individual to every key, and can only be obtained from the manufacturer or an authorized dealership, making transponder keys more secure. By turning to a professional from the start, you are making sure you are getting the highest level of care and security for your Ford.

Over the years, Ford models have evolved and require different services. Keep that in mind when you call a professional for help – that not all Ford car models work the same in terms of their lock and key system.


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