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April 2010

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Auto repair manuals help in guiding and instructing car and motorbike owners on how to maintain and repair their cars.  These manuals can be generally obtained from the original car manufacturer or from other auto shop store such as Shucks, Auto Zone, NAPA and etc.  The manuals that are bought from original manufacturer are more descriptive and informative than other manuals that are published by other companies.  The best auto repair manuals are those have adequately specific information on the maintenance order and repair of your vehicle, other than just general information that may not be useful to the owner.

As many car owners know, repair manuals being sold at your car service dealer are very expensive.  The only cheap options you have are either to buy it at your local auto shop store that are published by other companies or find them on the internet.  There are many online store sell these type of manual if you do a little simple search.  However, the problem is these vendors may not have the repair manuals you are looking for sometimes they are not as complete.

The best option is try to search on eBay.  You might think, why eBay? Well, you might not know, eBay actually has a lot and variety of auto repair and service manuals available that are being sold by various sellers every single day.  Their manuals ready for sale can range from all name brands from Acura, Alfa Romeo, BMW, ......to Yamaha.  You can sometimes even find manuals that are for classic or old cars and not even available in your local store or even on the internet.  So if you have a hard time finding the service or repair manual online, why not give eBay a try.  Not only the manuals that are sold on eBay are cheap, you can also get it on CD and just read it off your own computer.  To search on eBay, you can use our search box on the top of right side bar to get you easily started or you can browse the car brand categories on the left sidebar.

Here we also provide you Amazon search in case you couldn't find any manuals that you are looking for:

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